Absorb Arts Studio was created in 2007, on Millers Avenue, Dalston/Hackney. The studios are situated in a 50’s built, double glazed 1st floor factory. To maximise the natural light from both sides of the building, the individual studios are light, open planed, semi partitioned areas, with ample workable wallspace.

Absorb Arts are  looking for individuals and groups to help produce a collective spirit of creativity, with a view to create an exciting and inspirational environment, that will promote productivity.

Desk space: The original factory office is modernised and would be ideal for a small group of desk space designers who are seeking to work together, or alongside each other. The space is lockable and has broadband connection. The desk space users are welcome to use the communal area, and add to the social dynamics of the studio.

To view the studio, or any other enquiries, please contact:

Web: http://www.absorb-arts.co.uk

Email: fred@absorb-arts.co.uk

Tel: 07894033787